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Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Advent Conspiracy

Does it seem that you are drowning in a sea of financial debt and endless lists of gifts to buy?

Has overwhelming stress overtaken any sense of worship?

Have you bought into the marketing lie that spending money is the best way to express love?


This had become everyone’s Christmas routine. Somehow, this had become the new normal.

Every year people were being devoured by this Christmas frenzy, and every year the Advent season ends with a sinking feeling that once again, we’ve missed the point.


Christmas can still change the world and you can be part of it. By celebrating Christmas differently, you'll and finding our way back to the real reason for the season. Join the Advent Conspiracy by:

Worshiping Fully (Because Christmas begins and ends with Jesus.)

Spending Less (Feel less stress, and focus on things that matter to Jesus.)

Giving More (Give your presence, rather than merely presents.)

Loving All (Love the forgotten, the poor, marginalized, and sick in the ways Jesus asked us to.)