Community Life Church
Monday, October 25, 2021
Family Ministry
Nursery, Walkers, & PreschoolElementary SchoolMiddle & High School


Our Family Ministry is a partnership between Community Life Church and Parents (raising children from birth through 12th grade) that is built around a master plan to teach faith and character.  Each phase of a child's life has its own focus complete with a "hand off" that compliments the transition from one age to the next. 

In NURSERY, WALKERS, AND PRESCHOOL, we emphasize to our children that there is a God who is our Heavenly Father and who loves them without conditions attached.

In ELEMENTARY, we explore what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL, we're packing their bags to prepare them for adulthood so they are equipped with a personal faith in the One True God.

It all points to one goal. The end in mind is a child who walks away as an adult in a relationship with Christ who can influence others to have a relationship with Christ.


It is CLC’s goal to partner, empower and equip parents to teach their children spiritual truths. We strive to be the “other voice” in a child’s life saying the same thing that their parents are saying. 


Our Family Ministry approach is based on these critical assumptions: 

     Nothing is more important than a person’s relationship with God. 

     No one has more potential to influence a child’s relationship with God than a parent.

     No one has more potential to influence a parent than a Church

     The Churches’ potential to influence a child increases when they partner with a parent.

     The Parent’s potential to influence a child increases when they partner with a Church. 


It then becomes obvious that two combined influences (Church + Parent) always make a greater impact than two single influences! 


We use the color orange to represent this combined influence:


The Church is represented by the color Yellow (Light)

The Parent’s heart is represented by the color Red (Heart)


Those two colors combine to create an even more vibrant color, Orange! 


 We look forward to partnering with each parent and exploring even more opportunities to integrate the “Orange” philosophy into each child and parent attending Community Life Church.